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Mission and Vision

Freed From Within is a non-profit transitional living facility that exists to love God and our neighbors.

The FFW mission is to provide residents with the coping skills necessary to successfully reenter society post-incarceration and avoid relapse into substance abuse. Our vision is the restoration of lives, families, and community. FFW is a six-month transitional reentry program that takes a holistic approach to reentry and recovery. FFW offers educational programming, life skills courses, mentoring services, and therapy to address the impact of substance addiction on individuals, families, and the community.

Program Goals

Through faith and a holistic approach to reentry and sobriety:


FFW empowers family members to become members of their communities by developing positive social networks and engaging in service.


FFW helps family members remain sober by reinventing their personal identities.


FFW helps family members learn to believe in something greater than themselves by providing pastoral care and helping develop bonds with other family members.


FFW prepares family members to reestablish and repair strained personal relationships.


FFW teaches family members the tools and skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.


FFW helps family members learn to embrace their self-worth through the establishment of a new positive self-image

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